Water talks postponed

By Country News on December 02, 2015

Meetings organised by the Southern Riverina Irrigators with Water Minister Barnaby Joyce and Member for Farrer Sussan Ley and scheduled to happen in Canberra last week have been postponed.

SRI chairman Graeme Pyle planned to represent the region’s food producers and discuss the recent announcement of a program that would take an additional 450Gl from productive use of water.

In a statement released by SRI, Mr Pyle said the announcement of what was called ‘the next generation of Commonwealth initiatives’ was ‘‘a few more whacks by the whip of a thousand lashes which is killing our industry.’’

‘‘For too long our industry has been playing Mr Nice Guy as we watch and see it decimated by a flawed Murray-Darling Basin Plan,’’ Mr Pyle said.

‘‘It’s come to the point where we have a choice — we either take the gloves off and fight hard or we watch Australia’s food bowl die a slow death.’’

By Country News on December 02, 2015

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