Export award to Rubicon

By Country News on December 09, 2015

Rubicon Water has won the Environmental Solutions category at the Australian Export Awards.

Rubicon, which has its manufacturing base in Shepparton, has developed innovative technology used in the Foodbowl Modernisation Project.

The awards were hosted by Federal Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb.

Mr Robb congratulated Rubicon and the other category winners for their outstanding achievements.

The award recognises the positive impact Rubicon’s solutions have on increasing water availability and improving the productivity of irrigated agriculture around the world.

Rubicon has developed automatic open channel and gravity pipeline irrigation water delivery systems using software, smart water control gates, flow meters and radio technology.

Accurate measurement and better control result in significantly less water lost during transit.

Rubicon Water chief executive officer Bruce Rodgerson was delighted with the win and said water scarcity and population pressures meant many countries were looking for sustainable solutions to increase water availability.

‘‘In many places the demand for fresh water is increasing, whether it be for agricultural, industrial, urban or environmental uses,’’ Mr Rodgerson said.

‘‘It makes sense to manage our existing water supplies as efficiently as possible before we look to expensive options such as desalination or building more dams.

‘‘Our solutions increase water availability by targeting the water that is lost in irrigation distribution systems, and with 70 per cent of the world’s fresh water used for irrigation, even moderate increases in the efficiency of these systems can make vast amounts of water available for productive use.’’

Judges were impressed by Rubicon Water’s commitment to research and development, noting its longstanding collaborative research relationship with the University of Melbourne.

They also praised the company’s staff development program and strong risk management framework.

In October, Rubicon won the Environmental Solutions category at the Victorian Export Awards.

This year Rubicon has started or completed major projects in Spain, Mexico, the United States and China.

Established in 1995, Rubicon has more than 20000 control and measurement devices in Total Channel Control and FarmConnect systems sold to more than 50 customers in 10 countries.

By Country News on December 09, 2015

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