‘They just keep going around in circles’

By Country News on December 15, 2015

Bamawm farmer Ann Gardiner has been unable to get answers from Goulburn-Murray Water about how the authority is going to connect their dairy farm to the nearest channel backbone.

‘‘Just what is going on?’’ Ms Gardiner wants to know.

The discussions on access to the backbone (about 400m away) started about five years ago and the Gardiners agreed to a pipeline to give them continued supply.

However, some other customers on the same spur channel objected to the proposal that they share unmetered access to the pipeline and talks broke down.

‘‘I agree that they should have metered access, so I don’t blame them for holding out for that, but G-MW has not been able to secure agreement with the customers on this spur,’’ Ms Gardiner said.

She said there were too many staff changes at G-MW, which made continuity difficult.

‘‘Every time we talk to them (G-MW) they go away and they don’t come back with a response or a solution.

‘‘We have to take the initiative, and then nothing seems to happen.’’

Ms Gardiner said the delay was costing them money and time.

‘‘Our livelihoods are based around that sort of relationship.’’

Ms Gardiner said she attended a G-MW Connections meeting recently at Rochester but the staff could not tell them more information.

‘‘It’s so hard to get anything resolved. They just keep going around in circles.’’

By Country News on December 15, 2015

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